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Moananuiākea: Sāmoa

Our Connection

American Samoa

Brittanica Overview 


World Atlas Entry on the Flagʻs Significance

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Sāmoan Culture

The Samoan culture is Polynesia's oldest. 

Faʻasamoa - The Samoan Way of Life

Faʻasamoa is the set of traditional family and community values woven throughtout the islands' customs and traditions

National Park of American Samoa

The National Park is south of the Equator.  

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Samoa is the first country in the South Pacific to gain independence.

Samoa Independence Day is June 1st.

Samoan Rugby Team

Manu Samoa honors the Samoan warrior.


The Differences Between Samoa and American Samoa Explained


History of the Taualuga - Traditional Samoan Dance


Voice of the Sea Episode on Life in American Samoa


Samoan and Tongan Tatau link