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Nā Aliʻi: Hawaii State Archives

Resources on our divine aliʻi

Citing Sources from the Hawaii State Archives

Citing archival sources correctly is important. The materials found in the Hawaii State Archives are often unique and cannot be found elsewhere. When people try to locate the sources you cite they will need to know exactly where you found them. The particular form of your citation will depend on your citation style. In general, citations progress from the broadest to the narrowest form of information, or vice versa.

For Photographs:

Hawaii State Archives, Collection Name, Photograph Call Number

For Internet Citations:

Authoring organization, company, agency [or title of homepage if authoring information is unavailable]. Title of the individual web page or document. Universal Resource Locator (URL) [Date accessed or copyrighted].

Hawaii State Archives, Nalawaianui (k) – Haehae 04-08-1845 : K-10(1) p9 : Marriage Record.

Hawaiian Monarchs

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King Kalakaua Photographs

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